Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO)

The courts take a dim view of domestic violence. Domestic violence is perhaps the fastest way in the world to lose custody and, in some cases, visitation with your children.

Because domestic violence presents a danger to physical safety, courts are apt to err on the side of safety when confronted with conflicting testimony as to whether one spouse or the other is guilty of domestic violence.

Everyone agrees: Domestic violence should not and cannot be condoned and we all want to stop domestic violence.

Unfortunately, because accusations of domestic violence lead to orders awarding primary or sole custody to the "victim" spouse, some spouses falsely accuse the other spouse of domestic violence. While this produces short term gains for the accuser, over time it costs the parties a lot of money to prove the accusations are false, plus it makes the spouse who has been falsely accused less likely to settle and this, in turn, increases the cost of litigation. In addition, false accusations always harm the children over time.

The goal is to resolve conflict, not engender conflict. For this reason, Clarke Logan Young Law Office vigorously pursues valid domestic violence claims and just as vigorously defends against false accusations of domestic violence.