Typical Client Profiles

A man or woman with substantial income or holdings who intends to marry in the near future and wants a pre-marital agreement to protect his or her assets.

A man or woman who is giving up a career to marry a person with substantial income or holdings and who wants a pre-marital agreement that will compensate him or her for the loss of his or her career and lost retirement benefits.

A veteran who has been paying court ordered child support for a child that is not his.

A man or woman who has received a Notice of Foreclosure on real property (covered by mortgage insurance) and who seeks to avoid having a foreclosure on his or her credit history by selling the property in a pre-foreclosure sale.

A married man or woman with one or more very young children, who sees that a separation (and divorce) is inevitable in the coming months, seeks legal advice about how to increase his or her chances of being awarded significant custody time with his or her children.

A divorcing spouse, who is either self-employed or in a middle or upper management position with a major corporation, and who has one or more minor children to a spouse who suffers from a psychological disorder.

A landowner who disputes an adjoining neighbor's prescriptive and contractual easement rights over and across the landowner's property and who, consequently, believes the neighbor is encroaching and trespassing onto the landowner's property.

A land developer who needs an easement drafted that will allow water and sewer lines to pass along a common boundary line.

A "celebrity" who wants a non-public divorce and who needs a private judge and a confidential divorce.

Two independently wealthy, divorcing people, both of whom wish to cooperatively divide their community property by employing various sophisticated methodologies such as IRC Section 1031 exchanges for real estate, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to divide their respective retirements plans, dividing their stock portfolios and business good will, etc.

A person who wishes to prevent his or her former spouse (who has primary custody of their children) from moving away with the children.

"Payor" spouse in post-judgment setting who wishes to file a motion modifying support downward, or a "payee" spouse in a post-judgment setting who wishes to file a motion modifying support upwards.

A high conflict custody case in which one or both parents want the minor child represented by independent counsel as a way of sorting out what is "really" going on in the case.

A buyer of residential real estate who wishes to set aside a sale or sue the seller for damages for failing to disclose material defects in the property.