Client Testimonials

"Clarke L. Young first began representing me in 1997 and has been representing me ever since. We have worked as a team from the initial filing of the petition for dissolution through judgment and onto numerous post-judgment motions. As a principal in an nationally recognized, award winning architectural firm, I appreciate Mr. Young's professionalism, competence, attention to detail and follow through. As a result of Mr. Young's efforts, I was awarded primary physical custody of my four children and all property and support issues were resolved favorably. I recommend Mr. Young without reservation or qualification."
-- L. Soderbergh

"As part of the court ordered psychological evaluation, my ex-spouse was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, co-dependency traits and alcoholism. To say my divorce was insane is an understatement. My ex-wife was skilled at manipulating the system and for seven years Mr. Young defeated her repeated attempts to sever my relationship with my two children. Without Mr. Young, I would not have had any relationship with my children. Clarke Young stood by me when things were grim and I honor him for his dedication and perseverance."
-- G. Stanford

"On a scale of one to ten (with ten being the worst divorce imaginable), my divorce was a seven. I have one child, a son. When the divorce started my son was six years old and his mother did not want me in his life. With Mr. Young's help, I was able to secure a 50/50 custody arrangement. I don't mind admitting I was pretty stressed out for a couple of years, never knowing when the next bomb was going to explode. Mr. Young is not only a great attorney, he is a great counselor and man. Thanks to him, today I have a great relationship with my son and his mother."
-- M. Yacullo