Typical Borderline Personality Disorder Behaviors

Clarke Logan Young Law Office does not have on staff a psychologist or psychiatrist and, therefore, is not qualified to determine if your spouse or significant other suffers from BPD. We specifically disclaim having any psychological or medical expertise with respect to BPD or any other psychological condition, disease or disorder.

With this disclaimer in mind, please be aware that Mr. Young has litigated BPD cases and researched BPD. As a result of his personal experience, we offer the following list of behaviors that may or may not be indicative of BPD or of any other psychological condition; nevertheless, the greater the number and severity of descriptive behaviors you recognize, the more likely it is that you are in a relationship with a person suffering from BPD:

  • Does you spouse impulsively engage in a pattern of self-destructive or even addictive behavior involving alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.?
  • Does your spouse only feel "good" when he or she feels "right"?
  • Are you in fact being victimized?
  • Has your spouse set about destroying every aspect of your life that is important to you:
    By falsely accusing you of criminal or immoral behavior;
    By disrupting your ability to earn a living;
    By threatening to sever your relationship with your children;
    By wasting all of your wealth and savings;
    By compromising your standing in your community and among your peers;
    By making your life a living hell at home when no one "sees" what is going on behind closed doors;
    By alienating your children from you;
    By physically attacking you in the hopes of intimidating you or provoking you to retaliate;
    By creating 10 times as many problems as any human could solve;
    By driving a wedge between you and your friends and family?
  • Is you spouse having an affair-perhaps with your best friend-to spite you?
  • Does your spouse treat your children like objects rather than people?
  • Does your spouse demonize you to others?
  • Does your spouse blame you for everything that is wrong in his or her life?
  • Does your spouse frequently manifest an inappropriate rage and resentment toward you?
  • Does your spouse project onto you his or her shortcomings (e.g., you lie, are unfaithful, aren't good enough, don't try hard enough, are not trustworthy)?
  • Does your spouse seem to lack the capacity to see his or her imperfections?
  • Does your spouse sincerely believe he or she is always right?
  • Does your spouse suddenly deny she or he said or did something as soon as it becomes apparent that the earlier statement or act will no longer produce the result he or she wants?
  • Does your spouse have sexual identify issues or "misuse" sex or have a hedonistic attitude toward sex;
  • Is your spouse's behavior intended to subjugate others to her or his will?